Wednesday, March 25, 2015

After the North Star Microsoft Word Test...

Hello Civics 2,

Happy Wednesday! Thank you for your hard work this quarter with Microsoft Word! 

Here's the link to today's exam:  Northstar Digital Literacy Assessment

Remember, there will be no class next week. Please come back to class on Monday, April 6th!

Please follow the directions on your worksheet for independent computer time today:

Part 1:  Vocabulary
Link 1
Link 2 
Link 3

Part 2: T-Chart
Link 4
Link 5

Part 3: Checks and Balances:

Checks President
Checks Congress
Checks Supreme Court
*Congress must approve Treaties.
*Congress must approve appointments to heads of departments (Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of Education, etc.)
*Congress can impeach and remove the President from office
*Congress can override a veto by 2/3 vote.
* Only Congress can declare war.

*Congress must approve judges.
*Congress can remove judges.
*Congress can propose an amendment.
*Congress can create lower courts.

*President can veto bills.
*President can call special sessions of Congress
*President can recommend legislation
*President can appeal to the public.

*Appoints judges.
Supreme Court
*Court can declare acts unconstitutional.
*Court interprets treaties
*Court appointments are for life and are free of executive influence.

*Court can declare laws unconstitutional.

Part 4: 
Executive Branch: Link 6
Judicial Branch: Link 7
Legislative Branch: Link 8

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Northstar Practice Test, Conferences, and Independent Reading day

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday!

 Today we will be taking the Northstar Microsoft Word practice test: first, as a class, and then individually. Please use the chart to identify which skills you need to learn, which skills you already know (but aren't 100% sure how to show), and which skills could show or teach the class.

Practice test link:

Once you finish, you will have time for independent reading. Please go to the website below.
First, click on levels 5.5-8.0.
Then, find a story title that you think looks interesting.
Read the story and fill out the worksheet that goes with it:

Thank you!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Imperatives & Community Safety

Hello Civics 2 Class!

I hope you enjoyed the field trip yesterday to the Minnesota Historical Society.

Activity 1: Grammar
Work with a partner to add the rule or class examples to the Google Doc (link below):

Activity 2: Make a Community Safety Sign

  •  Use at least two imperatives
Thank you!