Monday, October 7, 2013

Reading Practice

Happy Monday Civics Students!

Here are the instructions for class today (if you're not taking a test).

1) Go to this website:

2) Choose a story and click on it.

3) Write down the story's title and the vocabulary words they give you on your reading worksheet.

4) First reading: Read the story through once while timing yourself

5) Second reading: Read to the story while listening to it at the same time (press the play button in the box at the top left corner of the window)

6) Third reading: Read at your normal pace (no timer, no sound)

7) Write down the answers to the Understanding questions 1-7 on your worksheet.

Optional instructions:
*Choose one of the Writing practice questions and answer it on a blank sheet of paper from your notebook.

8) If time, get a new worksheet and start another story.

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