Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Online Dictionaries for English Learners Review & Book Club Questions

Hey Civics 2 class!

Welcome to Wednesday, Computer Day! Today we will be reading chapters seven through nine of The Client. Please follow these directions as you read. 

Step 1: Answer one of the following questions about what happened in chapters four through six by commenting on this blogpost.

 A) Who is Gill Teal? 
 B)  What do the FBI tell Roy Foltrigg about Mark?
 C)  Who is Reggie love?

Step 2: As we read the story, highlight the words you don't recognize. With a partner, look up the word on one of the following online dictionaries:
1)   Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary
 2)   Oxford Advanced American Dictionary:
3)   MacMillan Dictionary and Thesaurus Online:
4)   Longman English Dictionary Online:
5)   Merriam-Webster Learner’s Dictionary Online

6)   Collins:

Step 3: Write down the definition on your copy of the story, or a blank sheet of paper. 


  1. B) They told him that Mark is lying about his story and he arrived after Clifford suicide.

  2. Who is Reggie love? she is a woman and lawyer.

  3. C she is a lawyer she asks intonation to mark youger 8 year old