Wednesday, November 19, 2014

American Indians, Smallpox, and Viruses

Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday (Computer Day)!

You have some options today. Choose which one you prefer:

Option 1: Listen to the poem we read yesterday.  Take out a blank sheet of paper and write 5 to 10 sentences about how it makes you feel. Explain your feelings/thoughts using examples from the poem.

Option 2:  Practice typing on this website. Ask Rachel for a Progress Chart to track your errors and typing speed.

Option 3: Read about Smallpox. Take notes on 5-10 things that you didn't know before, add them to your KWL chart.

General information:
Smallpox in Minnesota: 

When we have 30 minutes left of class we will put computers away and focus on vocabulary!

Thank you for your hard work :)


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