Wednesday, December 10, 2014

URLs, Email Addresses, Northstar Review and Yesterday's Reading

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! We have a lot to do today, and it should be fun!

Activity # 1: URL's and Email Adresses 
1. Discuss: What is a URL?

  • A URL stands for Universal Resource Locator. 
  • A URL is the fancy term for website address
What is the difference between a URL and an email address?

2. Sort: make two piles at your tables. One of URLs and the other of email addresses.

3. Write: write down the examples on the paper chart. 

Activity #2: Northstar Exam Review
1. What is the Northstar Exam?

2. Take the practice test with the class. When it is your turn, you have the option to:
     A) answer
     B) ask an expert
     C) 50/50 (narrow down the possible answers to 2)

Please take notes on your Email Skills chart as we go.

Activity #3: Review Yesterday's Reading 
1. Get with your group. Use one computer.

2. Jorge, Miguel, Emma, and Leonardo will be the yellow group; Elda, Xia Wei, Francisca, and Patricia will be the blue group.

3. Go to the spreadsheet below and add the evidence from the text, and the paragraph number to the correct column.

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