Wednesday, November 19, 2014

American Indians, Smallpox, and Viruses

Hello Everyone!

Happy Wednesday (Computer Day)!

You have some options today. Choose which one you prefer:

Option 1: Listen to the poem we read yesterday.  Take out a blank sheet of paper and write 5 to 10 sentences about how it makes you feel. Explain your feelings/thoughts using examples from the poem.

Option 2:  Practice typing on this website. Ask Rachel for a Progress Chart to track your errors and typing speed.

Option 3: Read about Smallpox. Take notes on 5-10 things that you didn't know before, add them to your KWL chart.

General information:
Smallpox in Minnesota: 

When we have 30 minutes left of class we will put computers away and focus on vocabulary!

Thank you for your hard work :)


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Vocabulary 4 Star Ratings!

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Please follow the links to the two surveys below. Rate your understanding of the vocabulary words we have been learning over the past few weeks.

Survey 1: Previous words

Survey 2: New words