Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last Computer Day of 2014

Hello Everyone!

Here are the reflection questions for you to answer:

1) How do you feel about using computers? (Be honest.)

2) What's something new you have learned on computers in Civics class this quarter?

3)  What's something you already knew about computers in Civics class this morning?

4)  What would you like to learn next quarter on the computer?

5)  How do you feel about typing?

6)  Do you use computers outside of class? If yes, explain where.

7)  How can you use what you learn on computers in class outside of class?


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

URLs, Email Addresses, Northstar Review and Yesterday's Reading

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! We have a lot to do today, and it should be fun!

Activity # 1: URL's and Email Adresses 
1. Discuss: What is a URL?

  • A URL stands for Universal Resource Locator. 
  • A URL is the fancy term for website address
What is the difference between a URL and an email address?

2. Sort: make two piles at your tables. One of URLs and the other of email addresses.

3. Write: write down the examples on the paper chart. 

Activity #2: Northstar Exam Review
1. What is the Northstar Exam?

2. Take the practice test with the class. When it is your turn, you have the option to:
     A) answer
     B) ask an expert
     C) 50/50 (narrow down the possible answers to 2)

Please take notes on your Email Skills chart as we go.

Activity #3: Review Yesterday's Reading 
1. Get with your group. Use one computer.

2. Jorge, Miguel, Emma, and Leonardo will be the yellow group; Elda, Xia Wei, Francisca, and Patricia will be the blue group.

3. Go to the spreadsheet below and add the evidence from the text, and the paragraph number to the correct column.

Friday, December 5, 2014

Sum it up

Happy Friday Everyone!

Today's computer activity involves reading and writing.

1. Choose a news source (online or paper).
2.  Fill out the 5 W's worksheet.
3. Use the worksheet and sentence starters to sum up the article in a paragraph.

Here are some links to online news resources for English learners:

and here are some links to common news sources in the United States:

Thank you for your hard work!

Have a great weekend :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Newseum, Typing and Phrasal Verbs!

Hello Everyone,

Happy Wednesday! Here are the links for today's class activities:

Link 1: Today's Front Pages from the Newseum

Link 2: Typing Practice
*Ask Rachel for your Progress Chart to write down your errors and speed.

Link 3:  Phrasal Verbs Online Dictionary
This a great website with lots of information about Phrasal Verbs. You can search for them using one of the two/three words from the phrasal verb (for example: for bring up, search "up" or "bring"), or you can look for them alphabetically.

Bonus Question: What's the phrasal verb in the picture below?