Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Work Safety

Hey Civics Class-

Happy Wednesday! Today will be a fun computer day in class.

Part 1) First, we will finish the activity we started yesterday in class. Here's the picture in case you forgot it at home:

Part 2) After you finish writing your story, please type it in the comments section of the blog. Remember to change your name to "Anonymous" before you submit your comment.  Because your comment will be anonymous, it would be a good idea to add the names of people in your group to the end of your story.

Part 3) Take the vocabulary practice quiz! (Same as tomorrow's quiz)

Part 4) Work Safety Online Activity (see worksheet)

Part 5) Blogs with Deidre:

Thank you!


  1. STORY

    Rachel and Deidre

  2. It ha been a bad day Sam Lopez, a contractor.
    In the morning he got two calls from his employees. Jack had a illness and Tom hurt back. So they could not work.
    but absence was the least of his worries. One of workers has a serious injury.
    He fell down from second floor because a board was broken It was an accidental injury. The worker filed a document for compensation. Sam will have to compensate him a lot of money. These unexpected absences and an accident give him bad impacts on his business. Sam has recognized this work place has a lot of hazard. he considers consequence of these problems and tries to. fix them
    Josue,Adriana, elda,Milvia, Soonyeong

  3. A Bad day at work.
    Today is a busy day in the "Lopez Construction Company"
    The workers are working hard, and dangerous situation is about to happens.
    The crane operator lost focus and at his fault two workers hurt their backs.
    As a result one of the workers accidentally dropped the hammer and caused an accident for the next worker.
    One of workers fell from the second floor in to cement.
    He has an injury.
    One of workers has symptoms for an illness and he can not go to work and calls his manager.
    Two workers are out sick too.The electrical hazard must be avoided to prevent injury. The bricklayer uses mortar to build the wall.
    The employer Sam Lopez has a headache, because he is realizing, today is a bad day.


    Sam Lopez has a headache as a consequence of two people who called in sick.
    One other employee impacted he cement mix, when he fell from the third floor.
    On top of the building, two people were impacted by a column and the electrical hazard is damaged.
    The secretary has the document for Mr. Sam Lopez.

    1. TEAM: