Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Explore Saint Paul College
  • What would you like to study at this college?
    • Click on Programs & Degrees, then click on a letter in the alphabet to find one that interests you
    • Examples: Auto Body Repair, Music, Baking, Home Health Aide
  • Who would like a job doing that kind of work
    • Example: Music - someone who enjoys music and has musical talent
  • Where is Saint Paul College? 
    • Can you find the address?
    • Can you find the phone number?
    • Hint: check the bottom of the page
  • Why would someone choose to go to college? Why not?


  1. You go in college to have good life in the future.

    Marie Claire

  2. Someone woulds go to college, because he will reach
    his dream or prepare his Future ;or to have what he don't have.
    so the other people don't go to College, because
    he don't have the Money and social securite #,Green Card.

  3. Iwould go to college because ,like me so much teach music, and I need a licence music teacher.

  4. To get more education and get diploma and to find a better job.

  5. Because I like to lernd more and more a them and I wants to be stylist to service to help my family. The reason whay a lot people do not go, is money & tame.

  6. Because they want a get degree or diploma so
    the porsan be come dreams true
    that is why shuold go to
    c ollege so every one need to go to the calleg
    get degree or diploma.

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