Thursday, January 24, 2013

Unsafe Work Environment

What's wrong with this picture?

unsafe+act1.png (433×552)

2011-08-05__letter01.jpg (400×266)

96_1shipbreakers_chittagong_bangladesh_14.jpg (1800×1131)

11244409-large.jpg (380×252)


  1. You should .....

    pictur wear a hard hot
    1 move the ladder closer
    to the wall.

    pictur 2

    you shold ....
    wear a harness
    wear ahot.

    pictur 3
    you should .....
    get a new scaffold
    wear a helmet.
    picture 4
    you should .....
    wear safety glasses
    wear a hardhat.
    picture 5
    you should ....
    wear gloves
    use spon

  2. On the first picture,those Poeples should use the Hard hat and safe Gloves
    They should put the ladder close of the the wall

    The second picture, he should use safe cloves
    He should use the lang ladder

    the third picture, should wear the safety gloves
    He should buy new scaffold.

    The fourth picture, should use safety glasses
    He should wear the Flame retardant clothes.

    The fifth picture ,should wear a hairnet.
    She should use a spoon.

  3. You should wear a harness;get a new scaffold.

    You should wear the gloves,use the spoon for the food.

  4. 1) he should buy new ladder.
    he should wear gloves.
    2) he should wear harness.
    he should wear glasses.
    3) they should wear harness.
    they should wear a helmet.
    4) he should wear glasses.
    he should wear flame retardant.
    5) she should wear gloves.
    she should wash 1,000 times a day

  5. She shoud wear glove and wear harinet.
    they shoud wear aharness andhelmet.
    he shoudwaer safety glasses.
    he shoud go to the buy scaffold.
    He should wear gloves.
    He should wear hairnet.

    they should buy anew scaffold.
    she shoud use the spoon.
    he shoud wear flame retardant clothes.

  6. You should wear gloves, Or use should wear Should wear safety thinks.He should wear glass.He should safe his self. They should wear a harness.

  7. You should be use, a ladder all the times, for safety.You should be wear a hathead, for safety. You should be use a scaffoid, for safety.You should be wear a harness, for safe your life. You should be use scaffold, for safe your life. You should be wear a flame retardant,for not burn your body. You should be wear a glases.You should be use a gloves all the times at work in restaurante for food safety. she should be use a hairnet all the times, for healty food.

  8. you should...Use a scaffold. Wear a hard hat.
    You should...Use a scaffold. Wear a hard hat.
    You should...Use a wear gloves. Use a hairnet.
    You should...use a wear safety glasses.
    Use a wear a hard hat.
    You should...Use a harness.Get a new scaffold.

  9. they should need a big lstair and hard hat is a more safety.they should need wear ahurness get anuw scffold healnet they should need safety glasses wearhard hat flame glothes .she should wear use gloves an spoon wear ahearnet

  10. Two workers are unsafe.
    They should wear helmet, gloves and strongh leter
    The man is working unsafe with leter.
    He should use safe stove for protection.
    Two people are painting out side the building. they must wear a harness and helmet.
    The man is using welding.
    He shoul use for face protect.
    These man is not use safety health.
    He should wear gloves and mask.

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